Custom Pressure Splatoon Build aka Bomb Range Up is useful! Honest!

I was thinking of using Bomb Range Up and Burst Bombs recently because they are both things I’ve heard tossed aside as next to useless in a few discussions. I also needed a solo queue build since while E-Liter is amazing in team play, I could never get it to work in solo. This is a bit of a gimmicky build, imo, but it works well.

Basic Build

Splattershot (original)
Ink Recovery Up
Bomb Range Up x2

I chose the Splattershot because it was the only one with Burst Bombs and Bomb Rush. It’s a great weapon by itself, too, so if I can’t force the Burst Bomb play, I have something to fall back on.
I went with two Bomb Range Up because two was a noticeable improvement over one, but I still needed that third slot for something else. I thought I would use a lot of Ink Saver Sub, but I could not notice the difference in testing and I could barely see the notch on my back move at all. I wonder if Burst Bombs are actually just not affected by it. Since this is a sub heavy build, I needed Ink Recovery Up badly, so that was my no brainer 3rd ability.

If I had money/snails for a maxed out build, it would probably go like this.

Advanced Build

Sun Visor (Bomb Range Up/Ink Recovery Up)
Linen Shirt (Bomb Range Up/Ink Saver Main)
Pink Trainers (Bomb Range Up/Ink Recovery Up)

The other subs I looked at had a negligible impact on things. 3 Damage Up subs will get you about 5 more damage per bomb and barely changes the range you can hit at where as the small boost from Ink Saver Main adds up over time. The extra Bomb Range Up is very useful, and testing it out makes it look like one of the few abilities that don’t scale when you stack them. Bomb Range Up also had to be the main on all pieces because there is no brand that makes it easier to roll for, although if you’re really rich, you could try your hand at rolling all three Bomb Range Ups on neutral brands like amiibo and Squid Girl.

Build Usage

The point of this build is to pressure long range mainly with Burst Bombs when you see an enemy. With Bomb Range Up, this is so effective that it can even out range some weapons that the Splattershot has a hard time reaching. It also is the only way to effectively hit people over walls and do damage outside of the Roller and Slosher classes. The Splattershot itself has great inking power so you can cover areas for people to move around in or cover the Splatzone quickly. The Bomb Rush special is great because it ends up being like a more controllable and less obvious Inkstrike with the trade off of keeping you near your target area, which is again offset by Bomb Range Up. It’s also able to transition into normal Burst Bombs after the special is over if you still want to extend your pressure.

My current gameplan with this build is to get to a high place, inking along the way, and lay down super long range pressure with Burst Bombs. The Splattershot’s inking ability also lets me get quickly into flanks and weak areas where I can start my pressure again. When someone is close I can dance around with Burst Bombs (I had to learn this the hard way when maining E-Liter) or fall back on my Splattershot. If I happen to have a few damage ups in a less optimal build, or if I really want to trade that Ink Saver Main for Damage Up (trade Linen Shirt for Squidmark Sweat) in the advanced version, I can Burst Bomb to single shot enemies for a quick splat. Watch out for people with Defense Up when trying this, though, as it won’t work and can catch you off guard if you aren’t ready.

Pressuring the objective, the zone, the tower, or whatever that rainmaker fish is, is easy with this build and can be done safely behind walls like the Slosher class. I won my first ranked game with this build in Splatzones by continuously keeping Burst Bomb pressure on the ramp to the zone (it was Arowana Mall) so no one could get in. I can also say from experience that Burst Bombs are a nightmare when you’re on the tower.

This build is iffy against chargers at a distance, though. Positions where you can rain bombs down on the map are usually also positions where you’re super open to chargers. Normally another charger would be there that could defend itself in a charger duel, but Burst Bombs can’t do that at all unless your opponent is using a Squiffer (which isn’t a real charger, anyway).

I hope you guys enjoyed this build write up. If you’re interested in this type of content, I’ll keep it up in the future with more builds and detailing my main ones that I use in Squids of Avylon.

I got the information for equipment, brands, and abilities from this spreadsheet that was linked to me from Splatoon Meta.


[AVYLON] Announcing Avylon’s Competitive Splatoon Team

First off, I want to say that any posts preceded by [AVYLON] on this blog are official Avylon business and those posts do represent Avylon as an organization. Anyway…

Splatoon is opening the doors at 10 eastern on August 5th for the ability to host tournaments. With this in mind, Avylon is now officially announcing that we will have an official US based competitive team for Splatoon under the name SOA (Squids of Avylon).

If you wish to join us, the only requirements are that you have a wired internet connection and a computer microphone to practice and compete with us. That means you need a Wii U/Wii Ethernet adapter and access to Skype or TeamSpeak.

To join the Squids of Avylon, just ask me, The Apple BOOM, or leave a comment on the Avylon official Splatoon thread. This is different than Knights of Avylon, which is a select group of people based on numerous factors chosen by the board of Avylon (or by me by mistake sometimes *looks at kab*).

Out of all of the Squids of Avylon, there will be chosen 4 official Weresquids to be the premier team at tournaments. This designation will be based on numerous things, such as team synergy, individual skill, and availability.

Good luck, and ink em up.