[AVYLON] Announcing Avylon’s Competitive Splatoon Team

First off, I want to say that any posts preceded by [AVYLON] on this blog are official Avylon business and those posts do represent Avylon as an organization. Anyway…

Splatoon is opening the doors at 10 eastern on August 5th for the ability to host tournaments. With this in mind, Avylon is now officially announcing that we will have an official US based competitive team for Splatoon under the name SOA (Squids of Avylon).

If you wish to join us, the only requirements are that you have a wired internet connection and a computer microphone to practice and compete with us. That means you need a Wii U/Wii Ethernet adapter and access to Skype or TeamSpeak.

To join the Squids of Avylon, just ask me, The Apple BOOM, or leave a comment on the Avylon official Splatoon thread. This is different than Knights of Avylon, which is a select group of people based on numerous factors chosen by the board of Avylon (or by me by mistake sometimes *looks at kab*).

Out of all of the Squids of Avylon, there will be chosen 4 official Weresquids to be the premier team at tournaments. This designation will be based on numerous things, such as team synergy, individual skill, and availability.

Good luck, and ink em up.

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